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Who Am I ?

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Raised in a literate household steeped in spiritual wisdom, I inherited a deep reverence and affection for humanity. From an early age, I immersed myself in literature, technical pursuits, and the realm of IT. With the successful completion of a bachelor's degree in Computer Science followed by a master's in IT, I found myself enamored with the art of developing web and mobile applications alongside adeptly managing IT infrastructures. Over the years, I dedicated myself to realizing my heartfelt aspiration of crafting applications and websites, fostering innovative designs, and orchestrating system operations. My expertise spans various domains, including Cybersecurity, programming languages such as PHP and ASP, Cloud computing, jQuery, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Data design, Oracle, Dart, Flutter, as well as proficiency in Corel Draw and Photoshop. Additionally, my skills encompass adeptness in navigating both old and new operating systems, hardware troubleshooting, and proficient server management.

What I Do ?

Evolution into a brand

Evolution into a brand, furnished with a wide range of IT solutions and expertise.

web, android, ios App Development
App Development

Catering to diverse requirements including web, Android, and iOS apps, as well as custom solutions.

Comprehensive remote IT support services
IT Support

Comprehensive remote IT support services offering complete solutions and expertise.

web hosting and domain registration services

Delivering high-quality yet affordable web hosting and domain registration services in collaboration with ITPYX.COM

What I Did ?


Elevating my recognized excellence

Verified International Academic Qualifications
Verified International Academic Qualifications

World Education Services (WES) Verified International Academic Qualification and evaluated the associated credential that the awarding institution and/or program was accredited at the point that the credential was awarded

ICT skills assessment
ICT skills assessment by ACS Australia

Australian Computer Society Inc. assessed the skills as Software Engineer and considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level. ACS is authorised to assess ICT skills assessments, the final decision in awarding points

CAE / IELTS - English language assessment

Upon completing the CAE - English language assessment with a score of 190, along with proficiency demonstrated in the IELTS examination, certificate has been awarded that robustly validates English language skills

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